Congratulations to the Winners of the First Masconomet Vision 2025 Challenge!

Congratulations to Katie Bernard and Justin Crosby, the winners of the First Masconomet Vision 2025 Challenge!  Students were asked to use any media (video, visual arts, music, poem, essay, persuasive writing, journal entry, etc.) to create your own response to the question, “What knowledge, skills and dispositions do Masco students need for success?” and connect their responses to the current COVID-19 global pandemic and school closures. 

Thanks to all of our students who submitted an entry.

I’d also like to announce Challenge #2. . .

Masconomet’s Vision 2025 Challenge Series

Empowering our youth to create meaning and success. 

Challenge #2:

  1. Watch the Video “Failure and Growth Mindset” from the film Most Likely to Succeed
  2. At the beginning of the clip, Ted Dintersmith describes the contradiction between the need to “risk failure” in order to be successful in life and our system of education that discourages risk-taking in schools.  How has the avoidance of risking a bad grade influenced you in school?  What might you do differently in school if the risk of a bad grade wasn’t there?  Consider what this makes you think about yourself, your interests, your curiosity, and the systems around you. Take some time to brainstorm and organize your thoughts. Dig deep. Push your creativity.
  3. Use any media, approach and style to create your own original response to the statement: “If I could learn about anything I wanted in school, I would choose to learn about ­­­_________, because _________.” 
  4. Connect your response in any way you choose to the current COVID-19 global pandemic and how life has changed during this time.
    1. Use ANY media — video, visual arts, music, poem, performance, essay, persuasive writing, journal entry, etc.
    2. Use ANY style — artistic, thoughtful, humorous, ironic, dramatic, scientific, etc.
    3. Projects can be collaborations, as long as collaboration is done virtually.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of community members for their originality, concept, skill, delivery and presentation, as well as overall impact and use of the challenge. Submissions will also be assessed in the context of the student’s age/grade.

Participation is optional, but I can promise “eternal glory” for a select few. Chosen projects will be highlighted in Masco and local media, and the honor of being selected will certainly have merit on a resumé. This is also a chance to positively impact all those who will see your amazing work during this challenging time. 

Please submit your project with your name/s and grade/s by Monday, May 4 to:

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