Masconomet School Committee Adopts “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution”

On October 21, 2020, the Masconomet Regional School Committee unanimously approved an “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution.”  This statement, which was developed in response to the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter Movement, affirms the commitment of the Masconomet Regional School District to embed “diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all aspects of education and learning for our students, families, faculty and staff.”  The text of the full resolution, reproduced below, has also been posted under the “Key Policies and Documents” heading of the “Useful Links” section of the Masconomet District Website Homepage.

In order to bring the principles envisioned in the “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution” into reality, the School Committee has also created an Anti-Racism Subcommittee.  This group currently meets on Monday afternoons via Zoom teleconference.  Meetings are open to the public.  Future meeting agendas will be posted to the “Public Meetings” page of the Masconomet Website.  



Whereas all public and private entities must work to eradicate discriminatory practices and build a culture  where all people are not judged, advantaged or disadvantaged based on their race, religion, nationality,  ethnicity, citizenship status, gender identification, sexual orientation, economic status, or disability; and  

Whereas public schools are responsible for providing students with their civil right to a free and  appropriate public education in a welcoming community for all students; and 

Whereas every school district must commit to recruiting and retaining a diverse and culturally responsive  teaching workforce; and 

Whereas every school district must review and ensure that all policies and practices are actively anti racist; and 

Whereas every school district must provide professional development, discussions, and self-directed  learning on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and conversation training to all staff, including  school committee members; and 

Whereas every school district’s curriculum and activities must be informed by anti-racism pedagogy  experts and include the history of white supremacy, racial oppression, injustice, resistance and counter resistance, education, activism and legislation, as well as current systems of privilege, power and  ideology; and 

Whereas every school district’s curriculum and activities must holistically represent the world’s many  perspectives and voices, including the work, lives and contributions of BIPOC*, LGBTQ+*, and other  marginalized identities in various fields such as STEM*, business, government, arts, literature, music,  sports, activism and more; and  

Whereas every school district must co-create a learning community where all members feel safe,  respected and supported in examining identity, navigating difficult topics, developing critical thinking and  listening skills, gaining perspective, and engaging in thoughtful discussions that improve emotional  intelligence, growth mindset, empathy, care, and compassion; and 

Whereas every school district must operate from the premise that all lives cannot matter until Black lives  matter; now, therefore, be it 

Resolved that the Masconomet Regional School District is committed to embedding diversity, equity,  inclusion and anti-racism in all aspects of education and learning for our students, families, faculty and  staff. We must act with transparency to ensure that our Masconomet students and community have the  experiences necessary to be aware, thoughtful, active participants in a diverse global environment,  comprehend the repercussions of racism, respect and celebrate differences, strive for equity, dismantle  racist and unjust systems, and work to lift up all members of humanity to solve the problems that plague  our communities, country and world.  

*BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, People Of Color 

*LGBTQ+ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Plus 

*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

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3 thoughts on “Masconomet School Committee Adopts “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution”

  1. I think Masconomet should be more worried about teaching math,reading and all things relating to learning and getting an education. You are moving way to far to the left, its sick. EDUCATION MATTERS.

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  2. This is a concerning resolution. I would normally consider this as just a “virtue-siganalling” moment for the Masco School Committee, but this is extreme enough that I feel the need to respond.

    First of all, Masco official statements should not give support to the Black Lives Matter organization. The organization’s pretense is racial equality, but their methods from the start have utilized violence, destruction of property, coersion, and division, with radical political goals. Many also find the slogan “Black Lives Matter” divisive. Racism exists where respect is missing, but this lack of respect can flow both ways. You should be promoting “All Lives Matter”. The only path to peace in our diverse country is through an “All Lives Matter” doctrine. And we must teach our kids/students that “All Lives Matter” and promote equal respect for all human life.

    Next, there is little or no evidence that the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were based in racism or were “murders”. Both were engaging in criminal activity, which provoked a police response, and ended tragically. The mischaracterization of these and other such incidents by the media and other institutions as being racially-motivated has caused a devasting and sad rift in race relations in America. I am frustrated beyond words that the Masco administration has chosen to follow suit.

    As to the wording in your resolution, the term “equity” in this context is a neo-Marxist term for “equal outcome for all”. I think the word you were looking for is “equality”, which is the familiar term for “equal opportunity” or “equal justice”, which we all support, and is codified in our laws. Words have meaning.

    Further, “embedding diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism in all aspects of education and learning for our students, families, faculty and staff” sounds like a enormous shift of focus and resources is being planned within Masco. It leads one to consider, has Masco not been an inclusive community? And if not, who precicely has the faculty/staff been excluding? I know that anti-racism is already a part of the Masco curriculum (as it should be), but has it not been effective such that “all aspects of eduation and learning” now require this reform? Is there an environment of racial intolerance at Masco that would warrant such a policy shift, or is this just the Masco School Committee following the national woke narrative?

    My first concern is that this new committment may diminish or distort the focus on core education at Masco, education that is already limited due COVID-19 school closures. But also problematic is how such a boldly-worded resolution will impact hiring and teaching, and what specific new theories/models of anti-racism will be taught. Most anti-racist curricula are actually racist themselves. They are identitarian in nature, teach with intimidation vs. empowerment, and can lead to further divisions. This is not the approach we want to have at Masco, or anywhere.

    This should be a simple concept. You resolution could read “treat everyone with equal respect”. Teach it and demand it in all interactions at Masco. It’s a timeless moral lesson, not a political one.


  3. I also looked at the most recent minutes for the “Anti-Racism Subcommittee”. I’m glad that the subcommittee characterized itself as a “safe-space for sharing ideas”…I am responding in that spirit.

    According to the minutes, creating the Anti-Racism Resolution has been the focus for most of the last few subcommittee meetings. But the subcommittee isn’t dissolving with the creation of this concerning resolution. Next on the agenda are “Masco’s mascot” and “adopting the name of Indigenous People’s Day vs Columbus Day”. This is outrageous. And this tells you all you need to know about the thinking behind the “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution”.

    It’s clear to me that there’s a poison that has infected the Masco School Committee and Masco administration. It comes from a wider political movement of “cancel-culture” which has already torn through many institutions in our country. It’s radical. It’s unwarranted. And it’s being conducted without broad support of the community.

    This is an example of why many parents send their kids to private schools, or consider home-schooling.

    I strongly encourage the Masco School Committee and Superintendent to return it’s focus to the education of our kids, based on traditional proven methods and ideologies. Stop pushing your political agendas. These are difficult times that require us to keep focused on the educational experience our kids our receiving.

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