Update on Change to Hybrid Schedule

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you a change to our school schedules that will go into effect on Monday, November 30, 2020.  Beginning on November 30, we will be introducing a daily WIN period to our seven-period schedule in both the Middle and High Schools.  Adding the WIN period will address some of the concerns expressed by students, families and faculty around the pacing of the seven-period day by reducing the number of classes each day for students to six from the current seven.  The reduction in daily classes should also help to reduce the amount of nightly homework students will have to complete.  

For WIN Block, students will report to the class that is scheduled during that period.  For example, if a student regularly has English class during Period 1, they will still report to that room for “WIN Period 1.”  Likewise, remote students will virtually report to their regularly scheduled class for WIN.  Teachers will use the first five minutes of the WIN period to take attendance for both their virtual and in-person students.  Unexcused absences from WIN will be treated the same as an unexcused absence from a class.  Teachers will be available for extra-help for students during the WIN period.  If a student does not need extra help from their assigned teacher during WIN Block, they will use the period for other academic purposes.  Below is a list of examples of what can be accomplished during WIN and is not meant to be exhaustive.

  • To meet virtually with another academic teacher, school counselor, academic coordinator, adjustment counselor, librarian, and/or school nurse.  Staff may require students to make an appointment in advance in order to attend a virtual meeting.
  • To continue receiving scheduled IEP Services.
  • To contact either Digital Learning (DL) or Instructional Technology (IT) for help with technology issues.  
  • To participate in Freshmen Orientation Activities with the Peer Leaders.  
  • To receive Peer Mentoring and/or Peer Tutoring directed by Student Support Center and School Counseling Department.
  • To meet virtually with fellow classmates to collaborate and work on group projects.
  • To participate in Guidance Department Programming.
  • To complete other academic assignments as assigned by faculty.   

The WIN period will “waterfall” through the seven periods in our daily schedule in the following pattern between November 30 and the holiday break:

Week BeginningMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
November 30WIN Period 1WIN Period 2WIN Period 3WIN Period 4Win Period 5
December 7WIN Period 6WIN Period 7WIN Period 1WIN Period 2WIN Period 3
December 14WIN Period 4WIN Period 5WIN Period 6WIN Period 7WIN Period 1
December 21WIN Period 2WIN Period 3HolidayHolidayHoliday

The addition of the WIN period to our schedule is a first step as we continue to look at ways to incorporate your feedback into a schedule that works best for students, families and faculty.  We will share any new information relative to further schedule modifications as decisions are made.


Mike Harvey


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