Masks Optional at Masconomet Beginning February 28, 2022

Dear Masconomet Community,

Effective Monday, February 28th, masks will be optional for all students and staff in the Masconomet Regional School District. 

Wearing masks will still be required in the following situations:

  • An individual who tests positive for COVID-19 returns to school following the 5-day isolation period, when around others, other than when eating, drinking, or outside, through day 10 of exposure (aligned with DESE/DPH guidelines).
  • An asymptomatic, unvaccinated individual (close contact) returns to school following a 5-day quarantine period, when around others, other than when eating, drinking or outside, through day 10 of exposure (aligned with DESE/DPH guidelines).
  • Individuals riding on school transportation vehicles (in compliance with the ongoing federal order).
  • Any staff or student must wear a mask while in our school health offices and isolation rooms.
  • We reserve the right to add to this list as other situations that require masking present themselves.

As we move to this latest phase in our response to the pandemic, I am asking that families partner with us to reinforce our district’s commitment to respecting each other’s differences.  Continuing to wear a mask, or not, at Masconomet is a personal choice that we expect will be honored and accepted by everyone.  We must understand that we are not all in the same place relative to our comfort level with easing pandemic restrictions.  For some, the decision to continue to wear a mask may be due to a specific personal or family health concern.  For others, moving away from specific mitigation strategies may be uncomfortable and take some time for adjustment.  I ask that you speak with your children about the need to be respectful of all choices about personal health and safety at this time. 

Over the past two years, our students and our faculty have overcome many challenges in continuing to learn and work through the pandemic.  While I’m hopeful that we have reached the beginning of the end of the pandemic, I would caution anyone from letting their guard down too soon.  If we’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that COVID isn’t truly going to go away, and we will have to continue to adapt the ways we live, work and learn as this disease moves from pandemic to endemic.  While we are making mask-wearing an optional mitigation strategy, we are also now offering the strategy of increased COVID testing through the regular distribution of at-home COVID test kits to any staff or student who opts to receive one and plan to continue offering symptomatic COVID testing for students and staff here on campus.  Faculty and students who signed up for test kits by this past Monday will receive them by today, February 17th.  It is still possible now to opt-in to begin receiving test kits during the week of February 28th.  For more information, including the sign up link, please go to: At-Home COVID Testing Program. 

I hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable and healthy February Vacation Week!


Michael M. Harvey, Ed.D.

Published by mascosuper

Superintendent of the Masconomet Regional School District

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