Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee, 6.22.22

School Security Update

Since my last communication on June 2nd, we have concluded our review of the incident on May 13th.  To date, we have taken the following steps as a result of this review:

  • Reminded all faculty and staff not to prop open doors.
  • Had our campus security personnel remove any rocks, sticks, wedges, or other items that could be used to prop a door from all doorways.
  • Reminded all faculty and staff to keep vigilant, to report anything out of the ordinary, to wear their ID badges, and to make sure all visitors follow the proper procedure for entering the school.
  • Arranged for a second police officer from Boxford or Topsfield to patrol outside the building every day since June 1, 2022.  This officer is in addition to our regular school resource officer, who is on campus daily during school hours.
  • Developed and implemented a new communications plan around school safety related events.  This plan includes sending messages regarding regularly scheduled drills, any called “shelter in place” or lockdowns, and any other “out of the ordinary” events.  The Masconomet Community has received several communications this month as part of this plan.
  • Agreed to more regular communications with our local police chiefs.

We continue to enjoy a productive working relationship with the police and fire departments of Boxford, Middleton and Topsfield, and have worked with these public safety departments to develop comprehensive school crisis response plans which include regularly scheduled A.L.I.C.E., active shooter, lockdown and fire drills.  These plans are frequently reviewed and practiced by our schools under the guidance of our public safety departments and school-based safety committees.  We are also grateful to have the support of dedicated school resource officers (SROs) from Boxford and Topsfield assigned to work in our schools every day.  In addition, we have full time District Security staff, closed-circuit video monitoring (CCTV), and visitor management systems in place to help ensure the safety of our school community.  We will continue to do our best to keep students, staff and visitors to our schools safe and will implement any other measures as we deem necessary.

Congratulations to Girls Tennis on Winning the State Championship

On Saturday, the Masconomet Girls Tennis Team defeated Westborough to capture the Division 2 State Championship!  Congratulations to a great group of student-athletes.  You make us all proud.

2022-2023 School Schedule Pilot Information

In September of 2022, Masconomet Middle and High Schools will be implementing a pilot daily schedule.  The schedule was developed by a Schedule Task Force made up of Masconomet faculty, administration and support staff, who began their work by developing a list of priorities they would like to see included in a new schedule based on the feedback we had received over the past two years.  After looking at several different schedule models from our region, the Schedule Task Force chose a model that met the greatest number of identified priorities.  The pilot schedule for 2022-2023 includes a daily, 36-minute flexible Masco-Block (M-Block).  Each class will meet 4 days per week.  Three meetings are 49-minutes per day and the fourth is an extended 68-minute period.  The pilot schedule contains a substantial increase in the Structured Learning Time for students as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Schedule Task Force will continue to meet next year to review feedback on the pilot schedule and make any necessary changes to the pilot based on this feedback.  The Middle and High School Principals will be sending separate communications to students, parents and staff regarding the pilot schedule this week.  Documentation regarding the pilot schedule is available at:

Congratulations to our Retiring Staff

As we close the 2021-2022 school year, I would like to recognize the members of our faculty and staff who are retiring this week and wish them all the best as they move on to the next phase of their lives!

Patty Bullard, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Patty Bullard is retiring after nine years with the Masconomet Regional School District.  She joined Masconomet in July of 2013 as the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.  In 2018, Patty’s position was reclassified to Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.  Before coming to Masconomet, Patty served as the Director of Pupil Personnel Services in North Reading for three years, and the Administrator for Special Education for the Peabody Public Schools for two years and was a special education teacher and  IEP team chair in both Peabody and Melrose. 

Norman Clark, High School Science

Norm Clark joined Masconomet in 2001 as a High School Science Teacher.  Prior to coming to Masconomet, Norm worked as a High School Science Teacher at Pentucket Regional High School for 10 years and one year at Nauset Regional High School.  Norm was instrumental in the development of the Biopsychology Course at Masconomet, an interdisciplinary course co-taught with a member of the Social Studies Department. Norm also served as the Science Fair Advisor.

Kathy Hostetter, High School Nurse Assistant

Prior to coming to Masco, Kathy had extensive experience as a nurse, mainly in hospital settings. She first came to Masconomet as a High School Nurse in September of 2002. After a break in service, she returned to Masconomet as a Nursing Assistant in 2005, a position she held until she retired in October of 2021.

Joan Murphy, Special Education Transition Specialist

Joan Murphy began working at Masconomet in 1989 as the Coordinator of the Peer Education Program for Masconomet Middle and High Schools.  In 2002, Joan changed roles and became the Student Adjustment Counselor for the Middle and High Schools.  She held this position until 2010, when she became the Transition Specialist for students in our special education programs.  She held this position until she retired this past December.  In her role as Transition Specialist, Joan worked with our “high-needs” students as they prepared to leave Masconomet.  Both her students and her colleagues appreciated her constant smile and upbeat personality.

Craig Nicoll, Multi-Purpose Facility Technician (MPFT)

Craig Nicoll joined Masconomet as a Multi-Purpose Facilities Technician in January of 2007.  In his 16 years at Masconomet, Craig was known for his skill in carpentry and woodworking, and his “can-do” approach to any project.

Dorothy Rose, High School Mathematics

Dorothy “Dot” Rose started her career at Masconomet in September of 2003.  She joined the faculty after completing her student teaching at Masconomet the previous spring.  Prior to coming to Masconomet, Dot was a Certified Public Accountant at the firm KPMG.  In her 19 years at Masconomet, Dot became known as a practitioner who has the content knowledge to teach a range of mathematics courses and the teaching skills to meet a diverse range of student aptitudes and motivations.

Susan Sooaar, Middle School Paraprofessional

Susan Sooaar joined Masconomet in September of 2002 as a Special Needs Tutor.  Prior to coming to Masconomet, she held Teaching Assistant Positions at the Fuller Meadow School in Middleton and at Doyon Elementary School in Ipswich.  At Masconomet, she worked in both the High and Middle Schools.  Susan has also served as the President of the Masconomet Paraprofessionals Association since 2013.

Karen Trevenen, High School Nurse

Karen Trevenen first came to Masconomet in September of 1999 as a Nurse Leader for the Enhanced School Health Services Grant.  In this role, she assisted in the school health offices at both Masconomet and in the Tri-Town Union Elementary Schools, served as the 504 Coordinator for Masconomet and coordinated the health services programs for the two districts.  In 2002, Karen was appointed to the position of High School Nurse.  From 2018 through 2020, Karen was the Interim Director of Health Services.  During her time at Masconomet, she also served as the Nurse Leader for the District and the Nurse for our Special Education Summer Program.  She also chaired the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) and was responsible for developing many of our current health services protocols and procedures.

Mark Verry, High School Business Teacher

Mark Verry was originally hired in at Masconomet in 1989 as a tutor in the Computer Room and to teach business education classes.  After leaving Masconomet in 1990, Mark taught in several residential and self-contained special education programs.  He returned to Masconomet in 1996 to be a Special Needs Teacher.  In 2005, he transferred into the Business Department and has continued there for the last 17 years.  In the Business Department, Mark has been one of the driving forces behind the growth and success of the High School’s DECA program for future business leaders.  Mark has also served as the Freshman Softball Coach and Driver’s Education Coordinator in his time at Masconomet.

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