School Cancellation Notification Procedures, 11/15/22

Unfortunately, it looks as though the unseasonably warm autumn we’ve been experiencing has ended. As we move into more seasonable temperatures and weather forecasts, its time to share with you our procedures for communicating school cancellations and delayed openings.  These procedures have been developed in an effort to balance the needs of staff members who commute to work from a distance and families of students who may need to arrange childcare services for the day with the requests of families who do not want an “invasive” 5:30 AM phone call. 

In order to balance these needs, school cancellation or delayed opening announcements will first be communicated through “passive” means, such as Twitter and local news media outlets and then later through direct telephone contact through our Blackboard Communication System.

Please remember that conditions may vary widely across the three communities during a weather event.  Parents always have the final authority to make the decision that it is unsafe for their child to travel to school.

Once the decision is made to cancel or delay the start of school, it will be communicated through the following outlets:

  1. All Media Communications will be sent out as soon as a decision has been made regardless of the time, and will be before 5:30 AM on the morning of the cancellation/delay.
  2. Twitter:  follow @mascosuper.  This will always be the first place for school cancellation and delayed opening announcements.
  3. WBZ TV (Channel 4) and WBZ Radio 1030 AM.
  4. WCVB TV (Channel 5)
  5. WHDH TV (Channel 7)
  6. WYCN (Channel 10)
  7. WFXT TV (Channel 25)
  8. NECN
  9. Masconomet Website on the front page under “Superintendent News and Announcements.”
  10. Direct Contact Communications through Blackboard via telephone and email will be sent out prior to 8:30 PM if a decision to close or delay school has been reached on the evening prior and at 6:00 AM if a decision is made on the morning of the cancellation or delayed opening.

Published by mascosuper

Superintendent of the Masconomet Regional School District

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