Masconomet High School Principal Finalist Interviews

Both finalists for the position of Principal of Masconomet, Katie DiNardo and Dan Hudder, completed their on-site interviews at Masconomet this week. During their visit the candidates met with district administration, high school students, high school leadership, department heads, and the high school faculty. Both candidates also participated in public interviews held via Zoom for parents and interested members of the community. Everyone who met with the candidates has been asked to complete a feedback form that I will use to help me make my final decision.

The public interviews were recorded so interested members of the community who were unable to attend can view the videos and submit feedback. Both videos are posted below.

The feedback form can be accessed at:

For more information on the candidates, please go to

Katie DiNardo’s Public Interview, May 16, 2023

Dan Hudder’s Public Interview, May 18, 2023

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Superintendent of the Masconomet Regional School District

One thought on “Masconomet High School Principal Finalist Interviews

  1. Masconomet needs a principal that knows our school, its staff,students and families. Katie Dinardo has already proven her commitment to Masconomet. I feel it would be a huge mistake to overlook her when she can obviously take over the role as principal and bypass the whole awkward getting to know everyone and everything stage. Katie has always been a leader and the teachers and staff will be proud to have her as principal. The transition would be quick and not take away from what we need to do, focus on our students.


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